The liquid egg yolk

Battery is the most widespread farming type for laying hens. Cages are equipped with roosts, artificial nests, dust containers and scrapers to improve their conditions. The density of animals per square metre is checked for an optimal yield. The laying hens are thus bred in a closed building and do not have any access to an outside course.

More comfortable for the laying hens than the classical cage breeding, the breeding on ground is carried out in closed buildings (with or without aviaries), without any access to an outside course. The density of animals bred in these buildings is less than the one of the cage breeding.

The free range hens have the same area per animal than for the breeding on ground. However, besides they have an outside access, with a minimal area allocated per animal. The registered “Label Rouge” poultry farms give more outside space per hen and limit the number of animals per building

This is the most comfortable farming type for hens. The density per square metre in the building is only 6 animals and 4 animals per square metre of outside course. The hens' feeding is exclusively based on bio-labelled ingredients.