food industry knowledgy

A cutting-edge knowledge of the food industry

Exporting to over ninety-eight countries, IGRECA is a partner of choice in the agri-food field for the main agri-food forces.

This experience of the world market guarantees answers for all the needs.

The supply is thought up to adapt to different cultures as well as to new feeding practices (recipes and enriched ingredients)


In the five main languages, the Sales Management Department commits itself to meet the requests.

Availability, reactivity and trust are the keyword of the relations IGRECA has with its customers.


Finally, the dedicated logistics platform for powdered products and liquid products enables to guarantee the safety, the follow-up and the speed from order to delivery.

From industry to craft industry

From industry to artisan bakers, IGRECA is the ideal partner for egg-based recipes.

Supply and packaging adapt to the customers’ requirements and specific practices.


Besides the classical ranges of whole egg, egg yolk or egg white, IGRECA has been able to develop numerous sub-families or adaptabilities with very precise functionalities meeting the very varied requirements of users such as nougat makers, confectioners, chocolate makers, pastry cooks, salting officers, sorbet makers, ice cream makers, cooks for baby food, oenologists…

A supply with a high added value, some examples:

- some rates of controlled fatty acids for baby food


- the smoothness of a liquid yolk for a creamy ice cream


- the fresh aseptic liquid egg in an ultra-clean container for thermosensible products which will not be able to take another pasteurization


- some whole powdered eggs adapted to pastry for very aerated doughs (sponge cakes, muffins, donuts, etc.)


- some egg whites selected for their exceptional foaming effect, optimized for meringues, nougats or chocolate mousses…


- the right colour of a yolk for an appetizing custard or a sunny “yellow dough”