A reassuring industrial process

Quality, traceability, experience

The IGRECA production tool at the cutting edge of innovation

Rigour as the key word

The design itself of the IGRECA factory is based from the beginning on the “always going forward” concept”.

Each of the modules corresponding to a key step of the production is independent and compartmentalized from the rest of the plant.


So, the process can be divided into 3 steps, 3 sectors:

- storage of the eggs and breaking room (separating the egg white from the yolk)


- egg white before pasteurization


- pasteurized yolk and whole egg


The untreated egg enters the factory and follows a linear course to finally end up on the other side, in its processed state.

To ensure a perfect hygiene, these sectors are clearly separated.

Some compartmentalized sectors, some qualified staff

The operators go all over the factory through a central gallery. Some strict clothing rules (single-use overalls and protections) and some statutory washing procedures are set up.


The quality laboratory carries out regular physico-chemical tests, in keeping with IGRECA’s HACCP procedure.

Computer-assisted production management

The IT tool developed for IGRECA ensures the regularity in the procedures, a constant and quick supervision, as well as the capacity for storing and filing data.