Quality in the heart of our egg products

The IGRECA requirement is applied at every level of production.

A strict traceability as soon as the supply

Upstream, producers are listed and authorized by IGRECA.

IGRECA acts essentially as a consultant in choosing the food, as well as in how to improve the breeding methods. The breeding ways respecting the animals’ well-being are favoured.


IGRECA selects, then authorizes its suppliers according to a drastic procedure which adds to the European registration (EDE). Audit, signing of the contract with commitment about very precise specifications, follow-up visits, are the steps prior to any approval.


From the authorized egg-laying farms, eggs are controlled, traced and again identified upon reception. Igreca can check and validate the country of origin, the producer, the building in real time, thanks to a dedicated software.


Next, lots are identified through bar codes, sorted out, then prepared to meet the specific needs of IGRECA’s customers.

The Quality Management System developed by IGRECA

In accordance with the HACCP procedure and in line with the ISO 9001 standards, IGRECA develops and continuously improves its Quality Management System (SMQ).

Run by the Quality management (9 engineers) and updated several times a year, this system has, above all, as its aim, the health and food safety guarantee at every level of the production.


This system and the procedures following from it are also fundamental for the structuring of the production line. The articulation itself of the factory (3 independent and compartmentalized sectors) is the result of these years of safety and quality requirements.


The supervision and control of the production rely on a built-in laboratory, which controls the products at the different processing stages then at the final stage, when leaving the factory.

The regular samples and analyses allow some micro-biological, bacteriological, physico-chemical measures and guarantee IGRECA’s customers the compliance of the production with their requirements (compliance with the physical specifications of the product)…

Some highly qualified teams

The person in charge of the Quality department has constant relations with the Management.

He/she relies on the Laboratory teams, the person in charge of the Quality Assurance and the Internal Control teams.

Based on some regularly renewed HACCP analyses, this team guarantees the highest quality level.


Some hygiene training and good practices programmes are regularly organized.


Transmitting the knowledge is carried out as soon as possible by some experienced staff to the new members.


But then, how about the chicks?
The hen does not need a present cock to lay eggs!
On the other hand, it needs a cock to have its eggs giving birth to chicks.
In the farms, the laying hens are bred without any cock. Their body produce one egg per day on average.


The IGRECA certifications

ISO 9001

Gestures and operations refer to some ISO 9001 procedures certified by LLOYD’S.



The HACCP procedure is a method structured into key points and which aims at analyzing dangers and critical points in order to master them.


BRC A , (British Retail consortium)


IGRECA is an EEPA member (European Egg Process Association)

IGRECA is a SNIPO member (Syndicat National des Industries des Produits d’Oeufs, national egg products industry trade union)